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Expand/Collapse Item How do I request software for my computer lab class?

As part of your course packet, you should have received a software request form. This form needs to be filled out and returned to your course planner. Please note that your request is subject to approval by your course planners based on how many licenses (if any) we have and budgetary constraints.

Expand/Collapse Item What information do I need to provide on the software request form?

Please provide the following details for every application you are requesting:

Please be as specific as you can to minimize any misunderstandings.

Expand/Collapse Item When do I need to turn in software requests?

8 or more weeks before the quarter starts
Notify your course planner of any new or new version software to allow time for obtaining trial software, performing analysis and compatibility testing with our operating systems and current computer hardware in the labs. When in doubt, please call us at 949.824.2144 to check if the software is available.

4 or more weeks before the quarter starts
Software Requests must be submitted to your course planner for all currently owned software (in our existing versions/releases) for production scheduling.

Expand/Collapse Item Will I get a chance to inspect the lab setup?

To avoid surprises the first day of class, we highly encourage you to test software in advance to ensure software is installed to your specifications. Generally, software is available for testing one week before the start of the quarter. Please call 949.824.2144 to schedule testing, and remote login is also available.