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WebEx Support

WebEx Technical Assistance - 866.569.3239
WebEx provides technical support related to meeting connections (browser, Internet or computer issues) and audio configurations for VoIP (hardware, software, microphones, system and/or sound settings) and can be reached at 866-569-3239, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (They will ask you for our site ID which is: uci.webex.com)

You can test your WebEx Internet connection and browser compatibility (but not VoIP) by clicking here: http://www.webex.com/lp/jointest/

WebEx Administrative Support - 949.824.4800
Instructional Technology provides instructor and end-user assistance for WebEx meetings conducted by University Extension staff and instructors.

For WebEx general or administrative support please call us at 949-824-4800 between the hours of 9:00AM-8:00PM Mon-Thu and 9:00AM-5:00PM on Friday.

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Training Videos

Training Center Best Practices
Training session presented by Shane Bremmer with WebEx for UCI Extension instructors. Topics covered include: navigating the Training Center window; identifying the roles in a training session; assigning attendee privileges; interacting with participants in a training session; presenting in a training session; and creating and conducting polls. (1:24 hrs)

Training Center Foundations & Best Practices - (WebEx WRF format; You will be prompted to install a player to view)

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Quick Reference
WebEx Quick Reference - Task-oriented quick reference specific to using WebEx via UCI Extension's website: http://uci.webex.com. Topics include: starting a meeting, sharing a PowerPoint presentation or other documents, recording a meeting, etc.
Presenting in a Training Session - Quick reference covering sharing documents, applications, desktops, and whiteboards.
Communicating with Participants - Quick reference covering feedback tools, chat, and Q&A functions.
Creating a Poll - Quick reference on how to create and save a poll.
Administering a Poll - Quick reference on administering a poll and sharing results.
Network-based Recorder -- Recording and Playback - Quick reference on how to record and play WebEx network-based recordings.
Comprehensive Documentation
Getting Started with WebEx Training Center - An overview of your training service and step-by-step instructions to help you get started using your training service quickly.
Training Center Host's Guide - Provides step-by-step instructions for hosts on using Training Center to schedule sessions, manage enrollment, manage in-session activities, publish recorded sessions, and obtain session reports.
Training Center Presenter and Panelist's Guide - Provides step-by-step instructions for presenters and panelists on using Training Center to join training sessions, share information in a session, interact with session participants, and so on.
Training Center Attendee's Guide - Provides instructions for joining training sessions, viewing and interacting with shared documents and application, and participating in other training session activities.
Facilitating Online Training - Teaches skills that enable you to conduct training sessions in a highly interactive environment to ensure your participants are engaged and get the maximum benefit from your class.
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